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The future

Nowadays, Pripyat is nostalgic. The scenery is the same, the houses are the same. The housing represents the Russian legacy, the Russian symbolism. No new buildings have been built, for a reason. The houses are rusty heaps of concrete, waiting to collapse. The inside is even worse. Even though the town is fenced with barbered wire and guarded, the looters have had 20 years of time. It is possible that some of the looting have been made by the guards themselves. The furniture have been stolen. The same applies to smaller property. This is why most of the former inhabitants are not willing to visit their old homes, not even for a brief visit. A legend tells that some home still has 20 year old laundry still hanging out at the balcony..

There is no-one living in the town of Pripyat currently. This is why the nature has entered the scene. The trees and bushes are huge. The nature has conquered the buildings. The roots grow through the concrete and asphalt. The radiated trees were cut down after the accident. When they started to grow red because of the radiation dose, they were cut down and buried under ground. There is still a forest of red trees nearby the town, radiated by lethal flakes, fumes and gases from the reactor. The trees are red and leafless. This is the Red Forest, not recommended for a stopping place for the tourists because of the still lethal radiation level. Spending just five hours in this forest would kill you.

The graveyard of the town is similarly filled with hot spots. The first victims of the accident were buried here. They were workers of the power plant, who died during the transport to the hospital. The ambulance crew wanted no radiation, so they buried the patients here.

New population is not possible in the town of Pripyat. Never. The town was seriously poisoned by radiation and the radiation lies in the ground and in the buildings. In a few years, most of the buildings will be gone, possibly collapsed in heaps of concrete. How the Russian built protective sarcophagus will stand the test of time, if everything is collapsing even now?



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